Ore no Yakitori 俺のやきとり

This the third “Ore no” restaurant that I visited after the French/Italian and traditional Japanese Kappo version. Like the earlier two, tables are arranged so closely together that we were barely few inches from our neighbouring tables. One don’t have to call out to the servers for orders because there will be someone going around to take orders. However, as there is only one person taking the order, we were forced to be as decisive as we can or else we would have to wait for long before she returned to our table.
Since it’s a yakitori house, we couldn’t leave without getting our skewered chicken fix. They are all priced at an unbelievably low rate of 59 yen each, regardless of the parts of chicken. We did not order the assorted platter because we are trying to avoid chicken liver. Customers can choose either shio (salted) or tare (sauce) for the yakitori. We ordered a mixture of chicken thigh, chicken with negi, chicken wings and tsukune (minced chicken). Each of them were flavorly grilled and tender juicy. I usually prefer tare but this time round, I began to appreciate the simplicity of those sprinkled in salt because they had a clean taste.

Apart from the yakitori, it offers plenty of other booze-friendly dishes like any other izakaya. But I thought the Deep fried Anaimo (380 yen) was quite rarely spotted. Barely coated in fried batter, the oblong sweet potatoes were perfumed with the cubes of butter that melted over the hot surface in seconds. Savoury yet sweet, it could very well be a dessert.

The Super Yummy Sweet Potato

The Super Yummy Sweet Potato
A dish that appeared on every table was the Shirako Truffle Tempura (880 yen), perfectly fried on a bed of dried noodles. Tempting as it looked, I could not brave my courage to eat male sperm sacs but apparently they were delicious without any fishiness.
Nothing is as highly anticipating as the Uni Souffle (680 yen), which arrived at the table—inflated, golden and wobbly. The bonus treat of charred uni and wasabi on top that gave the eggy pool a well-balanced touch.
Out of the list of carbohydrates that include foie gras risotto and makisushi, we had the popular Karasumi Soba (880 yen). The shavings of dried mullet roe worked like furikake (savoury toppings usually on rice) on the cold noodles but they were so gritty and aromatic that I wished the chef spammed more of that instead of the super salty flying tobiko roe. Nonetheless, I was very happy to see that our Raw Ham and Caesar Salad (580 yen) came in huge plate with the transluscent onsen egg. When it comes to vegetables, the more the merrier.
Karasumi Soba

With the lessons learnt in the previous visits to Ore no XX, we did not order too much food and stuff ourselves silly. Neither did we have the desserts since they are not the restaurant's core. As usual, amuse bouche (the mozzarella balls) and musical charges apply, though we did not even bother to stay for the music this time.

Ore no Yakitori 俺のやきとり
Reservations recommended 
Tel: 03-6274-6864
Tokyo Shinbashi 1-5-6
Mon-Sat 4pm-11.30pm
Sun/PH 4pm-10.30pm

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