Tuesday, October 4, 2011

牛たん麦とろ ねぎしNegishi :things about beef that we never knew

ねぎし is a restaurant that specialises in grilled beef tongue. The first shop was opened in 1981 in Shinjuku Kabucho and has since expanded with branches all over Japan. During that period, beef tongue was known to be おつまみ (tidbits) that accompany beer. Most of the consumers were male but now it has become a delicacy for both male and female diners.

Did not know that there is so much about a beef tongue. ねぎし only selects the softer parts of the part and the area with the darkest pink colour is the most premium part of the tongue and has become a trademark of Negishi's restaurant.

the tongue is divided into white and red parts. The white part is the softer parts and only be divided into 9 pieces. Therefore, the quantity is very limited. You can order red or white and whether u prefer thick / thin cuts. To open a shop that specialises in beef tongue must have sacrificed many cows in order to get the tongue.

うす切白たん 5枚 
Thinly sliced white beef tongue 
Since the white part is softer than the red meat parts, I chose the white thin slices.
Very delicious and simply grilled with salt. Slightly chewy but the more you chew, the more intense the flavour. Sometimes this might be more delicious than having a beef steak. 

土鍋ハンバーグセット 980円
Beef Tongue Hamburger & Vegetables Claypot Stew Set

their rice is made of 大麦(おおむぎ)and not the pearl grain-type that is commonly used in sushi and onigiri. 大麦 is claimed to have health benefits such as more calcium and dietary fibre as compared to processed white rice. The rice can keep one full for a longer period of time and is thus said to be suitable for those who is going on a diet.

beef tongue has been minced and added into the hamburger pattie inside the stew. The brown sauce is rich and creamy and is good to eat them with the barley rice.

Be prepared to be greeted with the fragrance of grilled beef when you enter the shop.
There was a constant stream of customers entering the restaurant at dinner time and I guess that this place could be quite popular or well-received among the locals. That might be the reason why the number of branches is always increasing (26 so far) and the latest one is at Ginza.
牛たん麦とろ ねぎし
for menu: http://www.negishi.co.jp/menu_book/index.html
for outlets and details: http://www.negishi.co.jp/

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