Friday, August 21, 2015

Kuehs and Snacks 老婶阿嬷潮州粿 @ Empress Hawker

I'm born in a family of Kueh lovers, not so much sweet but the savoury ones. Thanks to my Teochew Ah Pa who loves his Ku Chye Kueh, Peng Kueh and Soon Kueh, I would have them as breakfast before school and never got tired of it:) 

And just like him, I love Ku Chye Kueh the most. Hence, when the family dropped by Empress Hakwer Center for lunch, my father instinctively walked towards 老婶阿嬷潮州粿 for a box of Ku Chye Kueh (chives dumpling) even though we only planned to have Chye Poh Hor Fun there initially.

This place is an offshoot outlet from the main stall in Alexandra Village Red Hill where the handmade traditional kuehs are churned out under the guidance of elderly Madam Chia Siew Yin. Shaped in perfect rounds instead crescent moons, the skin of the Ku Chye Kueh is smooth, glossy yet not too rubbery. The stir-fried chives filling were not as aromatic as Yong's in Serangoon/East Coast but they were less oily. 

There are plenty of other selections ranging from the savoury Peng Kueh, Yam Kueh to the sweet Ang Ku Kueh in sesame, coconut and even durian

The sesame and peanut kuehs were densely packed with the fragrant nutty filling that were not as moist as usual but very crunchy and gritty. It would be wonderful if the skin is thinner. 

I've seen FB pictures of Hainanese Kueh made by my friend's mother but I have yet to try once until now. It looks unassumingly place, but one bite was all it took to make me fall in love with it. According to Prof Google, this is a traditional sweet Kueh eaten during weddings and baby's first month. 

Decorated with an auspicious red dot, this glutinous rice pastry is typically  beefed up with gula Melaka and grated coconut. It tasted like a Kueh dada except with the deep aromatic blend of aged tangerine peels (if I am not wrong) which imparted an indescribable nostalgic taste which I loved a lot.  

I regretted not buying the Black Kueh but I know it won't be long before I return to this wet market. 

Average price of the kuehs : Less than $1

Kuehs and Snacks
125 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-164
Singapore 150125
Tel: +65 6273 5875
Nearest MRT: Queenstown
Opening hours: 8am – 7pm daily

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