Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Yukinosita 雪ノ下 : Really "HOT" Hotcakes!

Yukinosita is a super famous hotcake shop from Osaka that attracts long queue (again) during weekends. But if you head there on a weekday and avoid those prime lunch/dinner hours, there is a high possibility of no queue. One reason for the long queue is that the place only has 14 seats. Secondly, the hotcakes take at least 20 minutes to make. 
If you can't wait so long for the hotcakes, it might be good to order the kakigori to stem your hunger. During my visit in summer, there were seasonal fruit flavored kakigori such as the peach kakigori ¥900 and plum kakigori ¥900. 

But I still prefer the Matcha Kakigori ¥800 which is fortunately a regular item on the menu. The ice that was drenched in Morihan's matcha syrup was not sweet at all, but what imparted that necessary sweetness was the large ball of condensed milk ice cream. 
Finally the hotcakes came after we were all done with our kakigori. Each hotcake was churned out with the perfect golden measurement of  10cm in diameter and 4cm in height.

Like the matcha kakigori, this matcha hotcake (¥800) also uses Morihan's matcha and is served with red bean, fresh cream that melts within seconds and condensed sweet matcha syrup.
Unlike those hotcakes from Hoshino Coffee or any of the pancakes, this hotcake is NOT fluffy at all. Notice the neatly segregated lines? The pancakes had dense structures with long columns of air sacs that are lined closely to one another. Somewhat sticky and sweet like the Peranakan Kueh Bengat. 

If you like cheese, the Yotsuba Cream Cheese hotcake(¥800) has a nice tang because sour cream is incorporated into the dough. Served with condensed milk ice cream. The Caramelized Banana version (¥800) is a condensed milk hotcake drizzled with semi-bitter caramel sauce. 

I think what makes their hotcakes different from their competitors is the ingredients. They are proud of using the premium eggs from Mie Prefecture and low-pasteurized milk from Shizuoka Prefecture. And once you are seated, you will be served a glass of natural mineral water from Kagoshima.  
The pancake trend is still running hot in Tokyo and it's a huge panacake war over at Harajuku. Instead of going for Hawaiian or American style pancakes, why don't you consider some Japanese style pancakes that is found at a quiet corner of Ginza

Yukinosita 雪ノ下
Ginza Outlet: Tomato House 3F, 1-20-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
 Open 11am-9pm (Sat-Sun & holidays 10am-7pm) / closed Mon (Tue if Mon is a holiday)
For outlets in Kyoto/ Osaka/ Shizuoka : www.yukinositatokyo.net

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