Friday, August 22, 2014

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe: Fly me to Hong Kong

Want to win a free trip to Hong Kong? Dine in and spend $50 or more at any of the 16 Xin Wang Homg Kong Cafe to participate in the lucky draw. The last time I dined at Xin Wang was 4 years ago and I did not have a strong impression of their food. But this time round, I found that the food has improved tremendously with the revamped menu of over 160 items!
In conjunction with this "Fly Me to Hong Kong" campaign, Xin Wang has introduced the Crayfish version of their Signature Papaya Soup Bee Hoon. It's pretty similar to the Pork Chop version but the stock is much sweeter. Credit goes to the papaya and corn as well
I was surprised that the hunky slab of Pork Chop remains very flavourful without turning soggy despite being submerged in the light broth. Pleasantly tender and not too tough to chew. Why hadn't I known this dish earlier? 
Best things of all, I discovered two favorite dishes that night. The Pork Ribs Bee Hoon 猪排米粉, was a dark beauty that started me swooning. It's pretty similar to the Pig Trotters Bee Hoon, but the vermicelli is sweeter, moist yet does not clump together.
Everything about The Xin Wang Signature Fried Rice ($10.90) is appetizing. Must-try. Unlike the usual white fried rice, these grains has a nice caramelized sweetness to them with generous chunks of fish slices, prawns, cuttlefish, crabmeat. And best of all, the crunchy fried white baits

Chicken Chop with Mushroom Cream Spaghetti could be better, if the spaghetti hadn't be dry and under seasoned. But the humble chicken had some delightful crunchy edges and tender flesh. 
The French Toast with ice cream is rather puzzling because the giant deep-fried bread lacked any egg aroma and was too chewy. 

However, don't omit the new Rainbow Gula Melaka, an icy shaved dessert not drenched in all the artificial syrups but gula melaka sauce. Simply yet comforting. 

Other mouthwatering additions include the refreshing Iced Coconut Float topped with Vanilla ice cream. From now till 19 October, you'll get a special passport holder comprising a registration form that you can drop into the grand lucky draw box at all outlets. 

Check out the humorous promotional video for the "Fly me to Hong Kong" campaign!
One outlet(3 Winners) x 16 outlets = 48 winners!
Quite good chances, isn't it? 


Xin Wang Hong Kong Café
For details and Store outlets:
Special thanks to Sharon for the invite

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