Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Patisserie Del'immo: The Patissier Pancakes

Situated in the commercial district of Akasaka Mitsuke, Patisserie Del'Immo is an exquisite chocolate boutique cafe opened by a young talent, Chef Eguchi Kazuaki in December 2013. 
Barely less than one year in its opening, this shop has garnered attention in the media. At his current age of 29, Chef Eguchi has trained under renowned Belgium chocolatier Del Ray and returned to Tokyo to lead the Del Ray outlet in Ginza. 

With a niche in chocolate desserts, it is no surprise that the chef has ride on the "pancake wave" and introduced what he calls the "Patissier Pancake". These are distinctly different from the usual Hawaii or American pancakes that are flooding the market these days.

They are souffle pancakes that rise to greater heights. Though his Tiramisu pancakes are highly popular, we chose Rikyu, his latest creation that is inspired by the all-time popular green tea. 

They were larger than we imagined, topped with azuki beans, a dollop of matcha cream, matcha ice cream and dusted with intense matcha powder. 
Don't go without trying the parfaits. The Tiramisu Chocolate Parfait is probably the best and most value for money chocolate parfaits in Tokyo. It has all the necessary elements such as homemade sable biscuits crushed beyond recognition, raspberry ice cream, chocolate mousse, and tiramisu ice cream . It comes with a mini saucer of hot chocolate 

However, the Rikyu Parfait was underwhelming. We had no problems with the matcha ice cream since it is the same as the pancake. But one might find this parfait rather "bare" if one is used to having the complex dessert towers like those from Gion Tsujiri.  
This "Figs Pistache" (0% cocoa) reminds me of the one from A Tes Souhaits. They were so similar that there was a moment when I wondered if the chef used to work with A Tes Souhaits. I felt that Del'immo's version is more buttery but the basic components stay the same; Pistachio mousse, nougat mousse, raspberry confiture blended with figs, sable, sponge.
Del'Immo (35% Cocoa) 
The cake that shares the same name as the shop. This boasts fragrant accents from espresso mousse and the centre is a caramel anglaise mousse produced with Valrhona Dulcey chocolate. The base is a hazelnut pain de gene. 

This is one of the smoothest cake I've had as the mousse has a toasty flavour that envelops the tongue. However, some might find this too buttery and sweet. 
One of the Summer verrines is this Rouge Fruits. No fault to pick for this as well; spiced cinnamon cookie crumbs, velvety white chocolate mousse and berries. 

Overall, the chocolate desserts especially the pancakes are a mark of quality. Do check the place out before a snaking queue starts to form. 
Del'immo パティスリー&カフェ デリーモ赤坂店
Akasaka 3-19-9
Access: 2-min walk from Exit 10 of Akasaka-Mitsuke Station 

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