Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Muthu's Curry : Curry Fish Head

Muthu Curry was the place that the Folks insisted on visiting when I said I wanted to have some delicious curry fish head. It's been more than a decade since I last visited Muthu and I had long forgotten the taste. 
Indeed, the signature South Indian style Curry Fish head ($22/$27/$32) that has secured numerous accolades differed from the Chinese fish head curry in many ways. The colour was intense red instead of yellowish. According to the Folks, this kind of curry uses less coconut milk, so it was less creamy but the gravy is still rich because of the heavy spices rather than curry powder. There were no sight of brinjals, cabbage or tomatoes but ladyfingers and the piquant pineapple slices. Those who are adverse to spicy food will be able to handle this pot easily as the curry is NOT spicy at all. No sweat.
We all love the gravy and could ladle it non-stop onto the fragrant Dum Bryani ($4/head) or white rice ($3/head), though the fish was not too fresh that day. 
If the menu looks Greek to those who seldom have Indian food, there is also display counter where one can pick whatever food that looks tantalizing. The Mysore mutton ($11) was too tough but the Tandoori Chicken (below), chicken marinated in yoghurt, was smoky and flavorful. 

As a big fan of Indian Vegetarian food, I love all sorts of creamy paneers and Daals. But I decided to ditch the gravy laden veggies and try something new. The Vegetable Sheesh Kebab $9 was a mistake because it turned out to be dry rolls of mixed vegetable potato pattie, though the accompanying green sauce was zingy enough to perk the tastebuds. 
But the Gobi Manchurian ($9) turned out to be one of my favourite dish that night. Didn't know that it was actually an Indian Chinese fusion dish. Perhaps the Chinese aspect comes from the cooking method--coating the cauliflowers in batter and deep fry just like Sweet and Sour Fish. They are later sauteed in soy and chilli sauce. Not spicy but super sour.
Another first try is the Peshwari Naan ($5), a sweet naan in coated with almonds. The Folks commented it was strange to have sweet naan with savoury curry but I thought it was a nice balance to offset all the savoury food. So I rejoiced when I could have the entire naan all myself ( the rest took charge of the remaining rice;)
As usual, free flow pappadum, free flow of side vegetables (yellow cabbage was ok but the sautéed long beans were too salty). Together with the fragrant non-greasy Bryani rice, it was a great satisfying dinner. Even Ah Ma nods in agreement. 
Muthu's Curry
138 Race Course Rd #01-01
Singapore 218591 
        Tel: 6392 1722    
Daily 10.30am-10.30pm

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