Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pokemon Cafe Tokyo: Gotta Catch'em All!

Did you play pokemon when you were young or watch pokemon anime? I confessed I don't watch anime that frequently but I am a fan of Nintendo Pokemon game during the era of gameboys. 

Anyway, Roppongi Mori Tower is holding the Pokemon XY movie exhibition from now till 31st August. More than the movie, the temporary Pokemon cafe appears to be more interesting with all the various Pokemon design food. 
We opted for the Kids Platter since it offered a larger variety of items such as pokemon sausages, the same pikachu rice in curry sauce and...a pikachu mango pudding
With the previous experience from Andy Warhol Café, I would say that it is better not to carry too high expectations of the food. For example, the curry rice ball was totally dry. 
Glad we didn't order this full-size version
The Pikachu Burger was much better; juicy pattie sandwiched between soft buns that are slathered with some white sauce. The salted nachos were crispy but could do with a more generous amount of salsa. 
The Pikachu Parfait neither looked optimistic with the droopy eyes nor tasted good with so much artificial whipped cream and canned fruits. But I am glad it resorted to less artificial coloring this time round. 

Instead of the Pikachu parfait, I prefer this simple Pikaball dessert. The red half is raspberry mousse while the white half is cheese mousse. 
Is it an age problem? I can no longer identify most of the pokemon here......
Pokémon Marshmallows
Taste aside, novelty factor do sells. And you don't have to be a kid to enjoy all these. Besides the cafe, there is also a shop selling limited edition goods. I think the cafe and the shop is the best part of every exhibition. Erm..the exhibition? I honestly do not remember much stuff from it. 
See you at Roppongi!
Pokémon the movie XY展
(Exhibition Ticket required for Entry to Café)
Daily 10am-10pm
Roppongi Hills Observatory Deck 52F
Nearest Access: Roppongi Station

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