Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Andy Warhol Cafe: Eccentric is the Word

Andy Warhol Cafe is a pop up cafe that will run as long as the Andy Warhol Exhibition at Mori Art Museum. The menu is inspired by Warhol's several renowned works such as "Campbell Soup", "Hamburger" and "Banana". Like most theme cafe, the food tends to attract one's attention at first sight but compromises on flavours. We were glad that we had only the desserts and no more than that as they already created a nightmarish experience. 

The Sunglasses, a dangerously colorful parfait, cost more than a Pierre Herme cake at 880 yen but taste as cheap and artificial as one can possibly imagined. Canned cocktails fruits layered with dry sponge cakes, ultra-sticky buttercream and a stale brownie.  

 The Banana Cake 880 yen is simply a one-eighth inch slice of cold banana walnut cake topped with fruits. Any amateur home bakers would have produce a better cake than this. We were relieved that we had made the right decision to have a sumptuous ramen lunch at Gogyo before heading here. 

Campbell soup and burgers printed with the words "Andy Warhol"? Doesn't seem to worth our investment either. 
Colorful utensils to pair with colorful food

Banana cake but where's the cake???
Tadaa~ Hidden beneath the pile of fruits
Be Careful~Big Brother is watching you!

Andy Warhol Cafe 
Until 6th May (Ticket of exhibition is required)  
Daily 11am-11pm
Roppongi City View Mado Lounge  
Nearest Station Roppongi
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