Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Afternoon Tea Sunday Brunch : Mediocre Cafe Food

A crowded Saturday at Shinjuku (as usual) led us to an impromptu dinner at Sunday Brunch as most places were already lined with long queues of diners. Not that we did not have to queue at Sunday Brunch, but the queue was relatively shorter. 
One interesting thing about the menu is the combination of savoury and sweets in a plate. Take for example the Chicken Ratatouille and French Toast Plate (¥1200). 

The tangy tomato with melted cheese would have melted the hearts of anyone who attempts a bite. But I thought it was a bad idea to serve the whipped cream just right next to the hot skillet. Good for presentation but not for the cream which melted even before one can start eating the French toast.  Separate plates, please.
Similarly, the Genovese Pasta was paired with Mixed Pudding French Toast in a Skillet. In fact, I think the French Toasts and Skillet Toasts are the forte because the pasta was undercooked and dry.
Seasonal Item: Basil Lemon Chicken with Butter Rice

The cakes are tall and pretty attractive, but not persuasive enough for me to splurge on them.  
This restaurant is part of Afternoon Tea Sweets, which has many outlets all over Lumine in Tokyo. To be honest, it amazes me why queues can form occasionally for this restaurant with such mediocre food.
Afternoon Tea Sunday Brunch 
Shinjuku Lumine B1
10am-10pm Daily

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