Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tokyo Colombin : First French-style Patissierie to Japanese Royals

**Cue Music** Everybody is Kung Fu fighting ....He Har. 
This Giant Panda Shortcake is a new item of Tokyo Colombin's annual matcha fair. Established since 1915, Colombin is one of the western sweets company with many outlets in department stores. While the cakes might be easily missed out among the sea of pastries, it actually has a prestigious history of serving western sweets to the royal family. In fact, this is Japan's FIRST French-stype pastry shop. The founder was the royal sweets ambassador that introduced the first ice cream and shortcake to the royal in other words, Japan. 

Slicing the panda mercilessly into half
It is no wonder that the shortcake sponge is one of the best I've had in my life. Excellent, even better than other elite patisseries in town. You don't have to get the classic strawberry shortcake to try it. It is found in many of its items, such as the Matcha Panda Shortcake and the Matcha Panda Roll Cake. 
The eyes of the panda is actually matcha cream that is hundred times the intensity of usual ones! This totally transformed my old impression of Colombin as "just another common department store pastry shop".
In 2012, I had the Matcha Soy Latte Parfait (Kuromitsu Jelly, Soy Milk Blanc Mange and Matcha Soy Blanc Mange)
and also the Matcha Chiboust (Matcha and Custard Baked Pudding on Pie)

This Sakura Mont Blanc is one of the seasonal items for 2014 with a pleasant traditional Japanese twist. Instead of the dense chestnut cream and rich Chantilly cream, it is made up of white cheese mousse, sakura cream and soft biscuit sponge. Wrapped in a Sakura Leaf to look like Sakura Mochi.

Source: Tokyo Colombin 
Anyway, the highlight is still the PANDA and the Matcha Fair 2014 (Full series shown in picture above). Available until 26th June 2014. Do note that the Panda items are only retailing at Ecute Ueno Outlet (inside Ueno Station) 
Tokyo Colombin
Various retail shops all over Japan department stores
Main restaurant café and retail shop @ Harajuku
Other café-salons include Keio Shinjuku and Odakyu Shinjuku Halc. 

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  1. My boss just brought back the Colombin Yaki Chocolat in Strawberry flavour from Tokyo. It's super yummy!


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