Thursday, March 13, 2014

丸の内CAFE会: Tully's Coffee x Itoen

Marunouchi Cafe is a collaboration between coffee franchise Tully's Coffee and leading green tea producer Itoen. It serves savoury food such as sandwiches and pastas but most people, predominantly ladies, head here for the sweets and beverages. We did not regret choosing the matcha tiramisu over espresso tiramisu for the version here displayed the brilliance of the grinded tea without letting the creaminess of marscarpone cheese to overwhelm. Do take note of the base sponge that contains red beans--it is stunning. 
The Mille Crepe Brûlée (¥600) paled in comparison despite being painted in a golden shine. One doesn't have to come here especially for this since it is available as a regular dessert at Tully outlets. 

Perhaps because Itoen has invested stakes into this cafe, it cannot afford to let its green tea desserts ruin it's reputation, can it? Hence it is no wonder the matcha parfait here has lived up to expectations. There is the other version with Warabimochi but we stick to this one with the wafer even though it was less than crunchy.
The overpriced tiramisu matcha latte at ¥750 was not much different from a usual matcha latte. Its too simplistic to consider that extra cream and cocoa powder as "Tiramisu". 
While its signature item here is the green tea pancakes, I'll just stick to the desserts, for now. And don't go to the wrong cafe as there are several ones with the same name.  

Marunouchi Cafe 丸の内CAFE会 
1F KITTE Granche 
Nearest station: Tokyo Station 
Mon-Fri 7am-11pm 
Sat 8am-11pm 
Sun/PH 9am-10pm(eve of PH~23:00)
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