Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Le Cafe Confectionery & Pastry Singapore Since1949

I've heard scary stories about how popular their Beancurd tarts are that they are sold out as early as within one hour. So to prevent this food tragedy, I ringed up the shop like an obedient (or kiasu?) person to reserve my box of mixed Beancurd tarts.
Fast forward, I did not imagine the shop to look so modern, unlike the old-school pastries that they sell. It is not like a bakery shop where you take a tong and think what you want to have for breakfast the next day. 

Most items are kept in the chiller behind the cashier table. However, there is a display cupboard showing the available items so if you want a box of assorted slice cakes, you have to ask the lady.
I grabbed one of the pre-packed goodie ($3.50)whose appearance and name perked my curiosity. "A Classic Treat from the 1960s" 
This colorful retro-looking scones eh no....rock buns are sweetened naturally with the assorted dried fruits. Rest assure that these rocks won't break your teeth as you pluck of morsels and toss them unstoppable into your mouth.  The pineapple golf balls looked as if they lack a bright golden egg wash. But I finally understand why they need to be pre-ordered in advance during CNY. If you only eat the biscuit part like me, they are perfect--Crumbly, not too milky or sickly sweet or sticky. However, the pineapple filling are simply too much( covering about 80% of each tart). 

And tada....the legendary Beancurd tart. Without the eggy custard smell, they are still wobbly and better than having just tau hway. These are delightfully crumbly and butter, like those from Chin Mee Chin. Shaped like a deep-dish ramekin, one is enough to fill an average stomach after dinner.

I feel sorry for egg tarts now because beancurd tarts beat them hands-down. 
($9 for a box of 8)
Though assorted flavours sound exciting, they really aren't because they taste the same, for instance peanuts is just a few steamed peanuts tossed into the filling. Not peanut butter. Same goes for the longan, grass jelly, ginko nuts and white fungus, red bean, egg white.

Come to think of it, other countries have tau hway but i think Singapore is the only place with Beancurd Tarts. Another great reason to stay here:) 

Le Cafe Confectionery & Pastry 
264 Middle Road
David Elias Building (Main outlet) 
Singapore 188990 
Tel/Fax: +65 6337 2417 
Mon to Sat 10:30am–6pm  
Sun and PH. 10:30am–4pm
*Bean Curd Tarts are available daily after 12.30pm. 
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