Tuesday, July 8, 2014

W.Bolero : Excellent Cakes from Shiga Prefecture

W. Bolero is another excellent patisserie which hails from Shiga Prefecture that pays fair attention to the texture, flavours and colours. Plus, there is a higher frequency of flower and herbs ingredients such as lavender, violette.

The Mousseline Panana is a latest creation that is mixed with passionfruit cream, banana mousse, milk chocolate coated nuts and pâte sucre. I am usually quite composed when I come face-to-face with tropical summer gateaux but this sent my heart fluttering.
The Citronnier is a lemon buttercream with sour cacao ganache, hazelnut dacquoise and chocolate jaconde sponge. 
Finally, there is a matcha cake that is not paired with red bean. "Olive" is constructed of matcha bavaroise cream, chocolate biscuit sponge, crispy milk chocolate feuilettine and a hazelnut dacquoise.
My favourite besides the green tea cake is the Jasmine, a highly elegant and dainty petit gateau with a subtle honey flavoured chocolate ganache in the centre and surrounded by Jasmine Tea mousse. I never imagined the insides to be so dark!

Cross Section of Jasmine
I had reservations for the quality of the macarons as the shell was not the smooth and glossy versions. However, having learnt that macaron are one of the signature items,  I decided to invest in two flavours--Milk Tea Violette and Melon Macaron. As predicted, they belonged to those highly fragile macarons that crumble easily. No matter how good the filling was, these were unbearably sweet, which is a scary thing because average macarons are already sweet enough.

That said, all the cakes I've tried here are marvels of flavours and skilful works of texture. And I would say that they are as competent as top patisseries found in the city of Tokyo. However, the location is outside Tokyo so it might be a hassle to travel all the way to the main shop. Still, if you happen to chance upon this shop somewhere in Japan, you are definitely be indulgently rewarded.

W.Bolero Wボレロ (Since 2004)
48-4 Harimadachō, Moriyama-shi, Shiga Prefecture
Closed on Tues

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