Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Croissant Taiyaki クロワッサンたい焼 : Most Delicious Taiyaki Hybrid

Do you like Taiyaki? or erm...the Taiyaki Parfaits? If yes, then you'll love these croissants even more once you take a bite into the thin-crusted shell "fish". Gin-no-an 銀のあん, the sister company of takoyaki chain Gindaco, has come up with Japan's answer to New York's croissant donuts--Croissant Taiyaki.

Original Red bean 
You don't get a  perfect "fish" but a large, flat golden rectangle with the "fish" imprinted in the centre like some ancient cave wall hierogtapgd . 

Seasonal Custard Apple
While only the area of the pastry demarcated outside the fish print is crunchy, the entire slab coated with pearl sugar granules is so aromatic and sweet. It serves as an ideal snack on the go that won't fill one up as much as the original starchy red bean pancake. 

Seasonal Green Tea (Matcha Dough with Matcha Filling)
A collaboration item with theatre play Wicked. Truly wickedly delish in every bite! Red beans can be found not only in the filling but also in the pastry skin. 

Croissant Taiyaki vs Taiyaki? It's definitely the delicious hybrid anytime
Croissant Taiyaki クロワッサンたい焼
Outlets include Shinjuku/ Shibuya/ Tokyo Station/ Waseda and also all over Japan


  1. thanks for sharing this. heard so much on this and so looking forward to trying this!

    1. you're most welcome :) yeps! catch it if u can!

  2. Its really toothsome. Thanks for this great post


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