Thursday, June 26, 2014

Godiva Japan: 6 things you should try in Japan

Godiva, the branded Belgium chocolatier, has outlets all over the world. But just like Nestlé Kitkat, Godiva Japan offers different items that you might not find in your home country. Here are 5 things that are available at Godiva Japan.

1) Chocolixir--Matcha White Chocolate is not the special here since it's available elsewhere too. Instead, it is the Salted Caramel and the Yoghurt Fraise
The summer edition features Raspberry and also the Peach Darjeeling Chocolixir. When it's winter, there's the Hot chocolate Speculoos. 
2) Cookies aka Langue De chats
Regular: Matcha, Seasonal: Peach, Strawberry

3) Chocolate Truffles: Matcha. Try resisting the urge to eat this immediately and one will be rewarded with the perfect texture. 
4) Seasonal specials such as Sables Chocolates. Smooth chocolate ganache sandwich between super-crunchy biscuits. (Dark Chocolate Almond, Strawberry White Chocolate, Mango White Choc, Caramel Milk Choc, Uji Matcha White Choc
5) Soft Serve. White and Dark Chocolate. The version with raspberry dressing is a seasonal addition. 
6) Godiva Ice Cream Tarts. Flavours  such as hazelnut yuzu and matcha white chocolate. 

Godiva Japan


  1. woah everything looks so delicious - regretting not trying Godiva when I was in Japan. The soft serve looks so tasty XD

    1. It's really tasty but I'm sure there are plenty of yummy treats in Aussie too:)

  2. Wow, it's my first time drooling over Godiva. Never been a fan of it really until this post. Would love to try all of these! B.

  3. Hi can advise where to buy white lover cookies other than airport? Understand that the tax free shop will be closed till end july.


    1. Hi Little Prince,
      May I know which city in Japan you are refering to?

    2. Hi,

      I will be going to Tokyo, Chiba & Yokohama.

    3. There are Hokkaido Antennae shops around Tokyo.
      One in Ikebukuro Station ISP Shopping Mall Basement. The other one is near Yurakucho station. for details: Not sure if they are in stock but you can drop by the shops. Hope this helps :D


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