Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sushi Zanmai すしざんまい : 24-hour Sushi Chain‏

You may have read in the news about the skyrocket price that a 230-kg bluefin tuna had fetched in the the annual first tuna auction at Tsukiji. The man who had been winning the bid for consecutive years is none other than the president of sushi chain Sushi Zanmai.

Most people would go for the Nigiri lunch set since it offers the popular sushi in one plate and does not cost a bomb. The price varies according to the number and type of sushi.
This Hohoemi Set of 14 pieces comes with miso soup, potato salad and pickles.

If you craving for Anago and sweet Ebi, there is the Deluxe version (3000 yen) that contains 13 nigiri. 
Scary Looking Prawn in the Deluxe version
Alternatively, one can go ala carte and select the type of sushi you prefer (especially if one cannot take raw items)
Kani Miso 
Seared Salmon
I was quite surprised at the extensive menu. It has a long list of ala carte items including tempura and baked seafood gratin. The Bamboo Yuba Tofu (700 yen), quite a rare sight in sushi chains, was served in a beautiful traditional bamboo topped with ginko nuts, duck meat and fish paste cake. The homemade tofu had no seasoning at all and one can truly taste the natural sweetness of the tofu.

Besides this main outlet at Tsukiji, there are hundreds of outlets all over Japan. It might not be the finest top-notched Edo sushi but the sushi here is still fresh and delicious. At least you don't have to wake up early or queue for long hours for this one.

Sushi Zanmai すしざんまい
Main Outlet: Sushizanmai Honten
11-9 Tsukiji 4 Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0045

Daily 24 hours

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