Saturday, May 24, 2014

Paul Bakery Japan

Why would I want to step inside Paul Bakery when the shop sells 80% similar stuff like Paul  Bakery in Singapore? Well, I happened to walk past the shop but something green in the display caught my attention.

It's Matcha stuff again. Hohoho...guess it's might be due to fate because I never knew there were some matcha goodies recently until I stepped foot inside one of it's outlets one day. This means I should give it a try, right?

But wait a minute...the matcha eclair looks deflated and soggy. In any case, I still gave in to the "limited edition" marketing tactic and bought all three matcha items.
And I never regretted. In fact, I was surprised that the potency of matcha was utilized very well. The eclair shell was thin, dry and crackly but in a good way since it does not have to rely on cookie dough to produce the "Saku-Saku" effect.

Since the walls are thin, 80% of the eclair is filled with dark earthy matcha. No hints of sogginess at all. Excellent.

And I could not find fault in the Matcha Canele too.

The sturdy caramelized brown wall exposed a gorgeous custardy interior that is full of intricacies.

The Matcha Broiche is one hearty roll intersected with green tea paste and red beans. Though not as fluffy as Fauchon's version, the bread is still good for dipping into some hot milk.

Surprisingly, this French Bakery does churn out very good matcha items indeed.

Paul Bakery
Keio Shinjuku Outlet: 10am-8.30pm
Other Tokyo outlets: Kagurazaka, Roppongi Ichome, Shinagawa etc.

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  1. wah all the wonder matcha sweets! matcha canele sounds lovely too!!


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