Friday, May 16, 2014

Fauchon フォション Part 2 : Playing with Bread

Besides cakes and eclairs as featured in the previous post, Fauchon is also runs a bakery here.

One of the signature item is the cream bun. Shaped like a square, the classic cream bun looks different from the typical Japanese cream bun but the texture was not fine enough and the cream too little.

There is always new items every season and an ongoing theme now is the Kyoto Special featuring products made with green tea. The Matcha croissant roll dusted in green tea powder was super delicious especially when re-toasted.
The innards are slathered in green tea almond paste and the azuki beans, both lending the buttery croissant roll some sweetness. I love this even more than the two matcha croissants I had earlier at here and here

Matcha muffin
This muffin was surprisingly not like a muffin at all. It was neither dense nor greasy.

Filled with black beans, very tiny white chocolate bits and guess what....YUZU PEELS, the taste was very refreshing.

The Matcha Danish Bread (Available in Half or Full Loaf) was also filled with green tea paste and red bean. But this soft fluffy bread with a toasty browned top was so much better than the similar Matcha Azuki Loaf from DonQ Singapore.

Bichon Au the Vert
Shaped like a pearl, this matcha pie already wins with its looks...

But the filling is even more awesome. Just look at that creamy goodness.
Almond Croissant

Others stuff includes things like the almond croissant, almond crunch pretzel and cinnamon raisin roll. The almond croissant had a delicate crumbly almond coating but the croissant did not live up to expectation. Ironically, the cinnamon raisin roll resembled the matcha croissant but it lacked the crunch and flakiness.

Nonetheless, I thought the Nibs d Chocolat was a puzzling creation that stimulated my curiosity once I spotted it on the display. It was shaped in a perfect square and seemed deliberately placed upside down (crunchy nutty side facing upwards). And as you unpluck the bread, you can feel softness of the bread and a sturdy top carammelized shell breaking apart....

Though it might not be the first place that comes to mind when it comes to bakeries in Tokyo, Fauchon can also be another bread heaven especially when you managed to find something that suit your liking.

For the review of Fauchon's cakes/eclairs, click here

Fauchon Japan フォション
Takashimaya Shinjuku and other outlets
For full store listing:


  1. Looks soooo goood! *drools*

    1. Haha...but that makes me spend more time choosing than eating them


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