Friday, June 16, 2017

Mont St Clair @ Jiyugaoka Tokyo

To those familiar with Japanese pastries, Mont St Clair by Tsujiguchi Hironobu needs no further introduction. This celebrity chef can be considered one of the most business savvy persons in the industry as he has ventured into many different concepts from jam specialty shops to chocolate to Wagashi. His flagship pastry shop-cafe in Jiyugaoka is ever popular amongst tourists, just like Hidemi Sugino or Sadaharu Aoki. Every item that I've tried here so far has a crunchy component but it's still not exactly impressive considering the price.

One would notice that there's a lot of pistachio items here but I guess Lady Luck wasn't with me when I picked this Ichigo (600 yen) The "Pistachio cream" labelled on the tag turned out to be buttercream, something which I would never order. And the pistachio flavor was utterly faint.

Kiyomi Orange Galette (630 yen)
Though named Galette, it's actually a classic almond cream tart in seasonal orange flavor. Fairly decent but I wouldn't mind if they use grand marnier instead of pure orange juice in the squirt

Lustre (630 yen)
Lemon cream, hazelnut praline mousse, lemon marmalade, hazelnut dacquoise, hazelnut cookie

Avenue (650 yen)
Fromage mousse with crunchy coconut base, lime gelee, coconut base

Ardeche (650 yen) This is a very beautiful construction of a French chestnut-orange cake but a pity that the sweetness of the chestnut mousse overpowered the taste of chocolate

Mont St Clair
Salon 11am-5.30pm (Closed Wed)
〒152-0035 東京都目黒区自由が丘2-22-4

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