Thursday, April 13, 2017

Pariya vs Sadaharu Aoki : Seasonal Ice Cream Treats

The weather in Tokyo has been cranky lately but this can't stop one from having ice cream. Thanks to my makan kaki, I learnt about S.Aoki's seasonal edition matcha glacé, which took me by surprise because his only frozen confectionaries so far are the glacé sandwiches.

For ¥401, the order comes with 2 balls of matcha ice cream which are thick, dense but still had a strong white chocolate taste amidst the green camouflage.
Coincidentally, I bumped into Pariya on the same afternoon and decided to go for their Italian style gelato. Pariya has been around since 1996 serving interesting Japanese flavors such as Kuromitsu Kinako, Ichigo Shortcake alongside classic chocolate mint or coffee walnut. Lookout for weekly rotating flavors such as Avocado & Honey or Jasmine Cream. But it isn't strictly a gelato parlour as it also sells Japanese delicatessen (sozai) and bentos.

Of course, I went straight for the Uji Matcha & Chocolate Ganache is less sweeter than S.Aoki's matcha glacé and slightly more concentrated in the tea flavor. I liked the addition of dark chocolate bits which intensify the bitterness. However, the Sakura Mochi is rather weak in Sakura and tasted more like an Azuki ice cream. Single scoop is ¥432 while double is ¥497. No wonder most people opts for the double flavour as the serving is pretty huge for the price. But just be warned that you may be served by a rather unfriendly old auntie. Good Luck!

Shop List:
Sadaharu Aoki @ Shibuya Hikarie
Hikarie ShinQs B2F, 2-21-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Daily 10am-9pm

Pariya @ Tokyu Toyoko Foodshow Shibuya
Daily 10am-9pm

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