Friday, February 3, 2017

Umezono Chabo うめぞの茶房: Traditional Wagashi Reinvented in Kyoto 京都最新甜点茶房,吃出不一样的和菓子

Umezono Chabo is the latest concept by Umezono which also owns Umezono Cafe & Gallery that seeks to inject a new lease of life into yokan (bean paste jelly). It's one of the traditional Wagashi which I avoid at all costs because it tends to be too sweet and cloying. It's not even a jelly to me because it's so firm, just like eating a block of bean paste shaped in typically a square or rectangle.
I picked the lemon because I thought I wanted something perky and sour. Yes, the acidity hit the bulls-eye but the sugar was way off. Imagine how much sugar it must have contained if I still find it sweet amidst the sourishness. On the other hand, the Matcha turned out to be the one that I prefer because the matcha taste was very pronounced 

Even though the sweets have moved with times, the ordering rules here are still stuck in God-know-where. Hmpf......a drink order is a must regardless whether you are ordering any of the main sweet. It still sounds quite ridiculous even now although I understand their considerations for business operations. But that's the way it is.

Umezono Chabo うめぞの茶房
〒603-8223 京都府京都市北区
1130-1900 (takeout ok)

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