Thursday, January 5, 2017

Potasta Sandwich Factory : Big in a Different Way

Big in a different way.

That's what I would remember of Potasta, another giant sandwich shop in the quiet Kitasando area which started as a takeout store in Yoyogi. It doesn't sell potatoes but massive sandwiches that are choked full of generous ingredients that the bread is squashed and barely visible. Best of all, everything costs only 500 yen! Yes, I won't return to King George after discovering this place. 

So what does Potasta means? It is made up of three words "Pottering" + "Stand" + "Station", implying a place where customers can enjoy the good food in a relaxed and pleasant way without hurrying. The Yoyogi outlet remains a takeout store so you'll have to come here if you want a cozier place to eat (besides the park) outside your house.

This place sparked quite a wave on social media not only because of its humongous size but also that it was opened by young model named Yokochi Naoko who started the idea of healthy sandwiches made with organic vegetables from an organic farm in Chiba prefecture.

So don't be surprise to find a mound of rolled lettuce taking up almost half of your sandwich. And that's the case for the signature Scrambled Eggs sandwich with carrots and tomato basil sauce (500 
yen). The eggs are perfectly curdy, not too creamy but some might not like the sweet ketchup-like taste. On some days, things may change and you get one with a Wasabi sauce which I hope to try one day. 

Although there's no drinks except for the blended coffee and water,  I highly recommend the white minestrone root vegetable soup (350 yen) which was milky but not overwhelmingly rich.

Do note that the sandwiches changes daily and according to the seasons. It was late autumn and there was the Baked Apple & Cinnamon Sweet Potato (500
yen). There's barely any taste of added sugar and thus we could catch the clean, natural sweetness from the sweet potato, with baked apple slices and almonds to give that crunch. A pity that the entire mass was too dry and a struggle to finish. 

Nonetheless, I like the fact that they update their Facebook/Instagram almost daily on the sandwich selections which at least provides a heads-up on what you'll find on your visit. Green Curry Potato, Burdock Salad, Almond Jelly Sweet Potato, Marron & never know that sandwiches can taste wholesome and creative.

*good for takeaway and eat in
東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷2-1-6 マーシュストーン原宿ビル1F
TEL 03-6721-0748
Daily 8am-7pm

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