Friday, December 11, 2015

SPRIGS @ Purvis Street : Contemporary European Fare

Contemporary European restaurant Sprigs has recently revamped its menu under the helm of Chef de Cuisine Subri, who was formerly formed top-rated establishment Gunther. While the direction of the cuisine steers towards the new and adventurous, the food doesn't suffer from the heavy sauces and overly rich flavors that can at times beleaguer western cuisine. 

With the price starting from $40 for dinner mains, this place seems more positioned as a place for special occasions and dinner dates. But there is always the set lunch if you like to give this place a shot. 

For starters, we had the rustic plate of Roasted Veal Carpaccio ($22), which are cold roasted veal cuts drenched in Tonnato sauce (tuna mayonnaise), egg confit and capers. The layerings of flavors with gherkins and tomatoes helped to breakthrough the monotony, making this a pretty appetizing dish to begin with. 
The Baby Squids A la Plancha ($22++) looked and tasted like a fantastic breakfast with the crunchy croutons but I thought there were too many elements that distract us from the main ingredient--the squid. 

Pork is something which I won't order usually but I may reconsider if it is the Black Berkshire Pork (300g/$45++) here. Known for the superior marbling and tenderness, the slab of pork sliced off so easily with a knife. The sweet sherry glaze enhanced the natural flavors of the pork but the lime butter seemed to have the opposite effect of making this dish slightly more greasy.

The New Zealand Lamb of Rack ($38++) was in a healthy pink, indicating a tender cook without any gamey smell. While the caviar eggplant and yoghurt are a safe match with the lamb, the eggplant was bland and could touch up with a little seasoning. 

The taste of the Chilean Seabass ($40) was elevated with a sweet and tangy sauce vierge that is made of olive oil, tomatoes and herbs. But here the wild card was the thin slices of Lomo Iberico, something which is seldom found in seafood dishes, that imparted a highly appealing smokiness to the fish. 

As for desserts, the Frozen Mandarin Souffle with citrus compote ($12++) is a pleasant change from the usual puffy baked soufflé as the creamy meringue-like texture is pretty appealing. 

The base is a sponge that is soaked with mandarin liqueur and evoked memories of nauseatingly sweet-smelling rum baba. A stricter control on the sugar and a sharper taste of acidity would add some sparkle to this dessert. 

The Chocolate Mi Cuit ($12++) was another refreshing interpretation of the classic molten chocolate cake as one can taste subtleties of bitter tangy Yuzu in the gooey lava center, together with the crispy praline shards for a nice textural contrast. However, I thought it was good on its own without the pomelo

Lastly, there is the unique Tete De Moine Cheese ($12++), which can be considered a savoury treat as much as it is deemed a dessert. These semi-hard Swiss cheese turned soft and delicate once they are shaved into rosettes, gradually melting away on the tastebuds as you savour it with the brioche and the sweet quince paste. 

It's quite a mouthful, I must say, but a pretty sensational one. 

12 Purvis St, 188591
Lunch 12pm-2.30pm
Dinner 6pm-10pm
Closed on Sundays including Eve of and PH that fall on a Sunday

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