Monday, December 21, 2015

Ichi Hana いち花 : Uni Ramen 雲丹らあめん

They say one is a changed person when one travels. I think I am. More precisely, it's my appetite. 

After eating about 10 cakes, I marched towards Takadanobaba, the neighborhood where I used to live, just for a bowl of hot savoury ramen. In fact, the streets along both sides extending from the JR station is repleted with so many ramen ya that Takadanobaba could well become a touristy ramen hotspot like the Ramen Museum in Yokohama or the Ramen street at Tokyo station. 

But I'm glad those kind of tourist commodification did not happen here. The ramen I speaking about, is the Uni Ramen 雲丹らあめん from Ichi Hana, the sister restaurant of an Uni specialty izakaya in Shinjuku. A basic bowl of Uni ramen at ¥800 comes without the Uni topping. Hence, if you like a stronger taste or for picture purpose, uni toppings can be added at additional charge according to weight. 

The toppings were rather insignificant as the orangy broth was already sweet, slurpy and distinctive in the uni taste. It was no less rich and creamy than an average tonkatsu broth but did not feel burdensome on the palate. Nonetheless, I thought the chef was rather stingy as my toppings seemed lesser than the 10g that I ordered. 

It is not stated on the menu but customers can add flavoured egg (Aji-Tsuke Tamago)  for ¥100. I did because I haven't had any this trip and wanted to satisfy my cravings. And this was good. Not to forget the springy medium thick noodles that were accomplice in this satisfying experience. 

A couple sitting behind me asked for additional rice to mix into the remaining broth. I wish I did but I still had my supper waiting. A pity indeed but I left the place with a rounded and happy belly, trudging back to the station in the light drizzling November night. 

Ichi Hana いち花
Tokyo Shinjuku ku Takadanobaba 4-18-10
1130-0100 Daily
Nearest station: JR/Tozai Line Takadanobaba

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