Saturday, December 19, 2015

Artisan Alfero Gelato : Christmas Superstars Flavors

Ho! Ho! Ho! What's could be better than indulging in yummy festive PISTACHIO MARSCAPONE gelato from Alfero Gelato? YES, this award winning Italian gelato has combined their signature Pistachio gelato with Mascarpone Cheese, making it extra rich, dense smooth and delicious ðŸ‘…

Made with free-range fresh milk, egg yolk and other fresh quality ingredients, Alfero Gelato serves as the perfect guilt-free indulgence as it is 96% FAT FREE. If you visit his outlets, you will notice that all the ice cream covered, unlike practically every single ice cream parlour out there which showcases their flavors in full view. His insistence on such "weird" counter-marketing practice is in fact, the RIGHT way as it ensures minimal exposure to cream and air, keeping the gelato smooth and fresh. Famous Italian Gelato GROM and Japanese ice cream parlour store their ice cream the exact same way as well. 
Other special superstars Strawberry Cheesecake (strawberries blended into the creamy Marscapone base), Cookies & Cream (kids will love this as it is very sweet) and Salted Caramel (everyone's favourite because it is rich and round, with a toasty depth and lingering taste that bypassed mere sweetness) 

Get some to share with your family and loved ones this festive season or bring them to the outlets for a sweet respite. But my best advice is to stock up the 400g, 500g or 1kg pints in your fridge before they are gone by 31st Dec 2015! 

One taste of it, you'll never want to keep the lids covered again. 

Mascarpone Pistachio (Premium flavour)
$5~ per scoop (in a cup) / $17 for 400g tub /$21 for 500g tub / $39 for 1kg tub
Other 3 flavors
$4.50~ per scoop (in a cup) / $15 for 400g tub/ $18 for 500g tub/ $35 for 1kg tub
Available at Alfero Gelato outlets from 19th Dec to 31st Dec, while stocks last.

Artisan Alfero Gelato Outlets

81 MacPherson Lane #01-37
Tue-Sun 1200-2100
Closed on Mon
277 Orchard Road #B2-06 orchardgateway
Daily 1200-2200

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