Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Patisserie De Bon Coeur ドゥボンクーフゥ : Apartment Cakes with Unique Character

Walking through the sweets section of a department store in Tokyo is always a happy and hated affair for me. I love to browse and drool at the pretty pastries, yet I know my stomach is not an endless pit to fill them all. 

Hence, it is all about decisions and my strategy has always been to go for the non-franchise brands. That is to skip those cake shops which you can find easily in almost every other department (I.e Henri Charpentier, Jucheim, etc. ) 

And it implies that Patisserie De Bon Coeur is one that I would try definitely. Even though I have not been to their main outlet in Musashi-koyama, the place has a signboard hanging on the door with the words "APARTMENT". With its interior being dark, chic and mysterious, it seems like the chef or owner behind this is one with a cool character and tries to be different from the usual patisseries

[Camembert and Mascarpone Cheesecake double layers 540 yen 人気no.1 カマンベール・マスカポネーネクリーム二層チーズケーキ]

Speaking on that, the signature no.1 Gateau Au Camembert lived up to great expectations with its rich yet ironically light texture. One can taste the difference between the Camembert and Mascarpone layers, of which the former is said to be from the prestigious Normandy A.O.C. crop. 

Meanwhile, the 人気 no.2 Mont Blanc 624yen  has a unique tart base and resembled the Alps. Buttery, crumbly with subtle savoury notes, the biscuit tart was possibly the best companion to the chestnut cream which did not suffer any crushing indignity either.  

Pistachio creations are severely scarce in Singapore so this Gateau A la Pistache Fraise ¥648 came as a rare treasure to revel. Simply gaze at the intricate constructions!  Studded with diced pistachio nuts, the cocoa sponge belonged to the rustic camp and not those dry layers found in average mousse cake. The pistachio is more of a ganache that glides smoothly on the tastebuds; neither too sublime nor too forceful. 

黒さくらボン とホワイトチョコレートの二層ムースタルト
I also had the Tarte Mousse Aux Cerises et creme chocolate Blanc ¥626  which did not forge a deep impression. Nonetheless, the works from De Bon Coeur left me basking in a mouthful of greatness and I felt rewarded for the yen forked out to stipulate the domestic economy! 
Patisserie De Bon Coeur
Ginza Matsuya Outlet
Chuo-ku Ginza 3-6-1- Ginza Matsuya B1
10am-8pm daily

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