Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oriole Coffee + Bar (Capitol Piazza Neue)

Tucked in the corner of the second floor of this new multi-complex mall is the second outlet of Oriole Coffee + Bar, which boasts a homely atmosphere for anyone looking to sit back and enjoy a good cuppa or a quick bite. The menu has a smaller selection than the one at Pan Pacific but there are several items here that are exclusive to this outlet. 

The Warm Spinach Salad ($18) that came with cherry tomato confit and Parmesan shavings is one such example. The heady truffle balsamic vinaigrette brought the salad alive, and the sprinkled bits of crispy Serrano Jamon lent the dish a much-needed crunch and savouriness. The poached egg that topped the dish that day was, however, slightly overcooked.

For those looking for substantial meals, the Sandwiches section would be the best place to browse aside from the three Oriole Classics. With that said, I thought the new Portobello Confit ($17) came across as rather flat as it did not have any pronounced flavours aside from the sharp basil pesto. For the same price as the other meat-based sandwiches such as the Reuben or Cubano, this vegetarian dish would certainly disappoint an avid meat lover. 

From the all-day breakfast section that includes classics such as eggs, muffins and toasts, the Espresso Hotcakes ($12) stood out as the single sweet dish which turned out to be quite dry and lacking the fluffiness that I am accustomed to when I eat hotcakes. The accompanying Espresso Marscapone Butter was a nice idea, but it would have been more appealing if the butter had been more distinct. 

Fortunately, the Oriole's Angel Cake ($14), a dessert item that is exclusive to this Capitol Piazza outlet, was more promising than it appeared to be. Slice through the eggless coffee cake and you will find a small pool of bitter espresso creme anglaise trickling out from the core. The cake had seemed dry at first, but that was probably a good thing as it soaked up the sauce pretty well. I do wish that there had been more cookie crumbs though!  

Fans of Oriole's Signature cold brews will be delighted to know that the Taisho series—black, white or M.A.D milk—can also be enjoyed here, be it as a dine-in accompaniment to your meal or as takeaway at the Grab & Go counter where you can also pick up pastries, such as cookies and tea cakes. 

Overall, this outlet ticks all the right boxes for ambience but when it comes to the food, I think I'll stick to the Pan Pacific outlet for now.

Oriole Coffee + Bar (Capitol Piazza Neue)
13 Stamford Road #02-20/21
Singapore 178905
Tel: +65 63846495
Daily 10.30am-10.30pm

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