Saturday, October 24, 2015

Espressamente Illy Tokyo : Italian Coffee and Tiramisu

A random coffee break landed us here in this chic coffee franchise along Ginza streets. Alongside with its coffee, there is also a wide  range of sandwiches and pastries. 
But one thing that is unique to Illy outlets is Japan is most probably the Tiramisu (580 yen).

Every season, they will change the flavour and thus I was lucky that I caught the winter Matcha edition.

Piped with little mounds of silky mascarpone cream that is dusted with bitter matcha powder, the tiramisu here was moist and rich in tea taste. Empty the mini saucer of Illy Espresso Sauce and there you have, a perfect tiramisu that actually surpassed the standard fare in Italian bistros.
How's the coffee? I don't know since I don't drink coffee. But I know one thing for sure. That this is one of the most unexpected place for excellent tiramisu.

Espressamente Illy 
Yurakucho Outlet
Chiyoda Ku Yurakucho 2-7-1
Yurakucho Itocia B1F
Various outlets all over Japan including Shizuoka, Kyoto Station and Fukuoka

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