Thursday, September 17, 2015

Shibuya Omakasei Cuisine & Sushi Bar

This small 12-seater Japanese sushi restaurant is not located in Shibuya but right in Singapore. Thanks to myfoodsirens recommendation, I've got in touch with some exquisite sushi since my last raw fish experience was back in Japan last year.  

The menu is small but clearly focused on sushi and sashimi, so do not expect any chawanmushi, tonkatsu or any izakaya grub bites. I am not familiar with the average pricing but dining here do not come cheap. Without the 50% groupon deal, I doubt I can even step foot into this restaurant in the first place. 

The starters such as yuzu goma salad ($12) or the tai carpaccio with fresh uni and truffle shoyu ($32) were decent but not as outstanding as their sushi, which is the forte of the restaurant. 
Slathered with some mayonnaise before being torched lightly, the Aburi Sake Belly Sushi (2 pcs for $14) offers the right amount of creaminess without being overwhelmingly rich. However, it vanished in one or two mouthfuls, leaving me yearning for more. 

For something more substantial, there are 4 types of rice bowls ranging from $35~$45. There is the standard chirashi bowl ($35) but we opted for the more deluxe version with the truffles at $45. 

Each bowl of rice is sprinkled with furikake before the assorted fresh sashimi is arranged on it. It was not only the few precious truffle shavings which enhanced the sweetness of the fish, but also the truffle shoyu that had been mixed into the rice which completed this delicious bowl. 

For those who prefer Omakase, there is three options starting from $99/pax for 5-6 courses. Currently, this place is still in its soft opening and will soon be officially launch from end Sept. Being a cost-minded person, I would have to think thrice or more before making any return visit. 

Shibuya Omakasei Cuisine & Sushi Bar
39 Seah Street, Singapore 188395
Tel: +65 6336 0191
12noon-2.30pm, 6pm-10pm

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