Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Floresta Nature Doughnuts : Kawaii Animal Doughnuts

Some people squeal in delight when they see these. 
Some people say they can't bear to eat them. 

Animal doughnuts are indeed cho-Kawaii (super cute) but I'm sorry to say that I am not a fan of the taste. Yes, these baked doughnuts do appeal to the health-conscious consumers since they are not deep fried and do not contain any artificial preservatives. 

However, each one was rather greasy with a strange stench of stale oil. Their cakey texture is reminiscent of a financier, yet not as moist and fragrant. The only saving grace was the moderate use of sugar, to the extent that some might find it plain. 

That said, most of the Floresta outlets in Tokyo are located in the suburbs hence accessibility can quite inconvenient unless you managed to bump into their temporary pop-up stalls in major department stores. 

Animal doughnuts are only part of Floresta's product line which include regular baked doughnuts, seasonal flavors such as Limoncello Earl Grey, ice cream, organic pound cakes. Some outlets also provide cafe desserts such as affogato, parfaits and puddings. 

For me, I'll save my calories and money for either cakes or real doughnuts but not something in-between. 

The taste simply failed to impress. 

Floresta Nature Doughnuts
Outlets all over Japan

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