Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Coolplay Softserve 酷頑創意霜淇淋 : Gelato in Disguise

"Isn't this more like a gelato?", I thought as I took a bite of my black sesame "Softserve". Being sturdy and "cool", this didn't melt as quickly as the ice creams from Creamier. "Yes, these are gelato-based ice creams", answered the young lady owner.

"Oh, so they are gelatos but named as soft serves!" I quipped. "Yes", she smiled back.

And so the mystery is cleared. This franchise from Taiwan Kaoshiung 酷頑創意霜淇淋  serves only a few specific flavors in a week, unlike the daily rotating mixed swirl flavor in Taiwan. During my visit, there were supposedly 4 flavors but one was unavailable hence we were limited to 3 flavours--heavy chocolate, peach love and black sesame. 

Though one can choose to have either single ($4.50) or mixed flavour ($5) in cup or cone without additional charges, the mixed flavor is fixed to heavy chocolate and peach love due to the machine setup. Hence, I could not have my desired mix of black sesame and peach.

That said, the black sesame flavor was intense, earthy and not too sweet. The heavy chocolate, which seems to be the flavor that changes the least frequently, was quite bizzare as it It looked as black as an Oreo cookie but tasted like unsweetened or low-sugar cocoa powder, unlike typical milky chocolate flavors. 

Nonetheless, the sweetness was highly restrained across all the flavors so far; a good thing as most ice creams here go overboard with the sugar.

It doesn't matter to me that this fuss-free ice cream kiosk has only a long bench or a standing area to eat the ice cream as it only took us less than 5 minutes to finish our portion. In fact, I won't mind coming back again for new flavors as the individual portion is quite big to satisfy my cravings after eating at the nearby hawker centers.

I just hope that they can possibly expand their current production size to offer more flavors.

Coolplay Softserve
Blk 85B Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, #01-332B, Singapore 312085 
Daily 11am-9pm
Facebook here

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