Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dulcet & Studio : Back for the Ultimate $2.50 Giant Cream Puff

Even though I've restarted by baking engine, I still enjoy eating pastries more than baking them. Once in a blue moon, I still need to satisfy that damn cake craving of mine. There are plenty of cafes which sell cakes in Singapore but I can only name about 10 for the good quality ones. Put the cost-price performance into the picture and I can count less than 5. 

One of it is Dulcet & Studio, which I returned again mainly for their Choux Puffs. Years ago when cookie Choux puffs were not as popular as current times, Tampopo Deli's big and heavenly cream puffs were the best ones I could find in Singapore. 

Now that I am back to the same place renamed as Dulcet & Studio, their humble cream puff is still a miraculous wonder to indulge. With the lavish touch of vanilla beans in the overflowing amount of cream, it is quite unbelievable that they have kept the price unchanged at $2.60 or $2.50 per piece if you get two. 

Perhaps in light of the intensified market competition, there are new (or maybe not-too-new) Choux creations that caught my fancy. The Matcha Choux $3.20+ (see top pic), for example, retained the craggy and crisp shell but piped with matcha-vanilla cream swirl. Just like the perfect matcha roll cake which I raved non-stop previously, the scent and the flavour of the tea is intense and marvelous. 

Maybe it's also time for me to check out Tampopo's contender, Cafe Ma Maison, whose cream puff was remembered to be of the best quality and value at only $1.30 back in 2011 

I've lost count of the number of chiffon cakes I've had here before but I guessed I'll never be bored of them. Be it the matcha or the chocolate chiffon ($6.50+ each), the flavors come through the airy pockets beautifully, just like their cheese chiffon.

Possibly the only thing which disappointed slightly was the vanilla eclair ($5.20+). Pretty and dainty as it is, the pate de choux did not subscribe to the ideal crispness but was a little doughy. Perhaps I was too excited by the exotic corn and crunchy praline buenos filling that I overlooked the pastry side during my previous visit. But this issue is not too difficult to iron out. 

The Paris-trained Japanese chef just has to transfer some of the magic from the fantastic Choux crust into here. 

Average spending for 5 cakes per pax $13.70

Dulcet & Studio 
177 River Valley Road, #01-41/42 Liang Court, Liang Court, 179030
Daily 11am-11pm
No Service Charge

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