Saturday, July 4, 2015

Okada Coffee Singapore: Good Coffee and Japanese Cakes

It has been a while since I last visited Okada Coffee and I finally got to try its signature Mont Blanc ($9), made with the premium chestnuts from its hometown Kumamoto. The patterned layers of Mont Blanc set it apart from the usual "noodle strand" chestnut cakes, with a meringue heart that gave a good measure of crunch. 

The Creme de marron was full of chestnut goodness but the Creme Chantily was in short supply and I wished it could be significantly less sweet. 
Fortunately, it's another chestnut sweet, the Okada Roll ($8), was rational on sugar. The core was pumped up with light chestnut cream and one could inhale whiffs of eggy aroma in the pillowy sponge. 
The Matcha Cake is a simple construction of green tea mousse, azuki beans and sponge. Nothing much fanciful but sends a calming effect as you plunge your fork through the soft layers and deliver a bite into your mouth. 
While Okada Coffee is renowned for its chestnut sweets, there is also a few old-school dine-in only desserts like the "Hot Apple Pie" ($12). Like all the other pastries, this is also hand-made in Japan before being air flown and baked fresh in local kitchen. 
This apple pie boasts a golden rich puff pastry crust that locks the moist apple filling without turning soggy. At its most ethereal state right out from the oven, it is topped with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzles of blueberry sauce that gives it a pleasant tartness. 

Sweets aside, notice that cup of coffee at the side of the hot apple pie? It's Brazil Santos Chocolate ($8.50++), a special blend of the signature Okada coffee containing a subtle acidity which I truly appreciated. It isn't any of those hot chocolate but a good solid brew with a nice bittersweet taste. 

No wonder it is called Okada Coffee.    

Okada Coffee 岡田珈琲
100am, 100 Tras St., #03-23. S’pore 079027
Mon-Sun 10.30am-10pm

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