Monday, May 18, 2015

Rookery Singapore : Comfort Food and Skillet Desserts

A Friday night couldn't be better with great company, food and beer at Rookery, a cafe . bar. restaurant whose name actually refers to the dense and sleazy slums in 19th centuries London. It doesn't really matter that their brunch/lunch seemed more popular and delicious than the  dinner selection because the section that I am most interested in is available all day.
Yes, let's start talking about the desserts. The Beautiful Mess ($12) is indeed, a gorgeous mess that surpassed the glory of a classic Eton Mess, with colorful mix of dried berries, nuts and chocolate ice cream. However, the meek taste of chocolate could not pull the other components together, even in the presence of the crushed cinnamon caramel cookies.
For the real indulgence treat, I suggest going neither for this nor the overly priced plate of Fried Snickers and Mars Bars ($13) that comes with 4 puny pops.

Instead, get the Cookie Monster ($12) , that isn't ferocious as it sounds, but definitely works as the true comfort food that you want to dig your spoon in.

Dig? Yes! The giant cookie is a soft-baked dough that comes right out from the oven when the chocolate chips are still in molten gooey state. Stupendous!
As with the desserts, never judge their savoury dishes by their looks as well because the Asahi Beer Batter Fish Bites ($12) looked stodgy but turned out the exact opposite. The interior was fresh, meaty and succulent. Never mind that the batter did not belonged to the super crunchy camp for this nasty golden pops kept our bellies happy throughout the night. 
Perhaps I've had a too fantastic pulled pork pasta at Holqa Cafe and so this plate of Pulled Pork Ragu Linguine ($18) did not quite meet the mark. It tasted like a dry plate of canned sardines pasta. The Jerk and Rum Chicken ($24) shone with its tangy jerk bbq sauce that barely coated the boneless thighs but my friend found it rather dry. 
Just like most cafes, this isn't the most wallet friendly place to satisfy hunger but if it is the buzz/ ambience you are after, this is a right place. Otherwise, there is always a convenient Lau Pa Sat directly across the road for supper.

16 Raffles Quay, #01-02A Hong Leong Building
Singapore 048581
 Mon - Fri 8am - 11pm
Sat Drinking Night  5pm - 11pm
Tel: 62210968

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