Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Gobuylah : Shop Online for Food and More!

A new wave of online groceries ranging from Japanese ingredients, halal food to gourmet meats and organic vegetables has swept the local market scene in recent years. But where should one go when you need to get an assorted items from local snacks to overseas gourmet produce?

Much to my delight, I learnt about this one-stop online supermarket gobuylah.com where I can look for daily essentials or some exotic gourmet ingredients without stepping out of my house!

After a quick browse through the site, I realize that it actually collaborates with such a wide variety of brands ranging from mother/baby products to IT/electronics and even Fashion!  
As a food shopaholic, I immediately jumped to the food section and discovered hundreds of items there, some of which are not even easily found in local supermarkets. 
There is even a hot deals section where you find items at a discounted price. Navigating around the website is very easy as there is a search bar at the top for you to look directly for the item you want.

At the check out counter, I can also choose to pay via cash on delivery, apart from the usual virtual methods. 
Items that I bought include Eden Natural Black Beans; Eden Spiced Pumpkin Seeds and Barley  Malt; Natural Glory Organic Red Wild Rice and Organic Honeydew Honey; Whittard Chocolate Chai Tea; Verace Wild Honey; Papitto's Ice Cream and even kitchen appliances like Waffle Maker and Stylux Fruit Dessert Ice Cream Maker! 
What I like best about gobuylah is the free delivery service regardless of the amount spent. Unless some of your products are out of stock, the goods are delivered quickly within 5-6 days. Some of the goods are even delivered in a very nice packaging with recipes, just like the products I received from VERACE.

That said, it would definitely benefit customers more if they can update the inventory stock online so that it eliminates the hassle of searching for timely substitutes. Also do note that your order might not arrive on the same day/time as gobuylah arranges directly with the different supplier of the goods for the delivery. 
First time members get to enjoy $5 OFF and key in "Dairy05" to enjoy additional $5 discount(= $10 OFF at no minimum spending!)
Valid from 28th May~28th June 2015 on www.gobuylah.com

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