Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Holqa Cafe : Nostalgic Chicken Wings

Meaning link in Maltese language, Hoqla Cafe is a cafe along East Coast Road that serves western food with an Asian bent. Opened by a young lady and her partner to pursue their cafe dreams, Hoqla also aims to bring people together through food and a relaxed space. 

As highly recommended by Sihan ( from fundamentally-flawed), the Braised Asian Pull Pork Aglio Olio ($14.90). This easily outshone the classic Almost Carbonara ($14.90) which was intended to be a more soupy pasta. The chef could have tossed the braised pork jowl with the pasta before serving to prevent the clumpy texture of the meat that resided atop but this was avoided in the Braised Asian Pull Pork with Three Cheese (Gruyere, Mozarella and Cheddar Cheese) Sandwich ($15.90)

I would choose this over the pasta anytime as the combination of the pork, cheese and mildly gingered mayo produced a wholesome taste that was hard to dislike. It didn't mind that the buttered toast was outsourced from B.A.O as it was exceptionally fragrant and soft.

This dish was indisputably good just like the Sns-Ji ($9.90/6pcs), an inspiration from Korean spicy wings. The crunchy mid-joints were coated in a sticky caramelized sauce that stuck irritably to the teeth but would not cause one to flare up because they were simply too fantastic. They brought back memories of school years when I would buy a pack of Chilli tapioca chips to snack. Fear not for the spice as non-chili eaters would embrace this as if it is their eye-candy. 
Other cafe food includes a predictable egg benedicts ($15.90) and this hearty plate of thick fluffy cheese french brioche toast served with smoked salmon and maple syrup ($15.90). I must admit this is quite as bizzare as the cheery paddlepop ice cream cum mousse cake. The french toast is still quite acceptable but I have failed to cement any loyalty for their in-house pastries. I guessed the only two things that would dragged me out of my house all the way to Tanjong Katong would be the Three Cheese Pulled Pork Sandwich and the Sns-Ji Chicken Wings.
The Holqa Café
37 East Coast Road, 428755
12pm-9pm daily

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