Friday, February 27, 2015

M Boutique @ Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel : Skyview Sweets at 19 Floor

M stands for Marriot Miyako. It also stands for My first pastry stop in Japan for 2015.

I could not wait longer to have a taste of Japanese pastries once I touched down in Osaka. The first patisserie on my list was M Boutique since it was conveniently located at the hotel where I was staying and it was helmed by an award winning pastry chef in Osaka. Despite being part of a brand new hotel that is situated right at the 19F of Osaka’s latest landmark, Abeno Harukas, the price range is highly reasonable and the overall quality is above average.

The cake which caught me the least expected was this Agrodolce (540 yen), a pistachio and cherry combination that had a fine crumbly base. There was no description for the cakes so I could only pick them by random. 
Another one that paid efforts to vary the texture was this Cassis Chocolat (464 yen). There was no sables but the crispy chocolate shell proved to an equally delightful substitute that combined very well with the hazelnut paste and tart cassis compote. Cornflakes are used instead of sugared almond slices.Both the Profumo (480 yen) and Ange (497 yen) is no less sosphisticated but lost the battle because of its sweetness. Profumo is a white chocolate mousse with hazelnut dacqoise filled with apricot jam. The Ange would be a cheesecake angel that descend on Earth if not for the limp genoise that is saddled with a meringue frosting.

Palet D’Or (594 yen) may be the most expensive cake here but it has justified its worth from an excellent milk coffee mousse with hints of burnt caramel in the ganache. A must-try if you happen to stay here or is in the Tennoji area for shopping. Other stuff like chocolates, assorted baked pastries, confitures are also available.

M Boutique エムブティック
Osaka Mariott Miyako Hotel
Abeno Harukas 19F
〒545-0052 大阪市阿倍野区阿倍野筋1-1-43
Osaka-shi, Abeno-ku, Abenosuji 1-1-43
Access : Directly Above Tennoji Station
Daily 10am-8pm

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