Wednesday, December 24, 2014

SMOR Scandinavian Deli : AMAZING Sandwiches

It has been a long time since I truly felt touched by honestly good food.  

The moment I bite into the Kale and Mushroom, the cacophony of flavours simply exploded in my mouth without warning. Sweet, spicy, can this humble looking sandwich taste so fabulous? I could not suppress my excitement and wanted to find out what magic has gone into this sandwich. 

"It's Chilli flakes that we've infused into the olive oil and that tang comes from the clots of lemon milk juice cream you see on top of the mushrooms." answered the owner Traveen in a slow-paced Norwegian accent. Chilli flakes and lemon milk juice? WOW. 
This brilliant inspiration can only be found here at Smor, Singapore's first Scandinavian Deli that is opened by food enthusiast twin brothers Traveen and Tarun Gulrajani. They were so captivated by the concept of Smorrebrod (which means "butter bread") during their 3-month tour of 12 Scandinavian cities that they decided to bring it to Singapore, elevating to an artisan level with quality ingredients all sources from Scandinavia. 
It is not only the quality ingredients that make this worth. Like the Kale and Mushroom, the Crunchy Bacon is piled onto buttery and crisp toasted brioche bread that doesn't turn claggy with the moisture of tomatoes. Topped with side eggs, wilted baby spinach and shavings of emmental cheese, this warm open-faced sandwich is a great breakfast choice that tickles one's fancy.  
These sandwiches worked amazingly better than most cold pleasure-less wraps as they are prepared fresh upon order. The warm versions easily gain the upper hands as our palates acclimatize to the heat but the cold sandwiches are seriously not bad either.  
Instead of mundane ingredients like cream cheese and capers, the Smoked Salmon has a lovely acidic-sweet kick coming from the horseradish and dill-infused sweet mustard dressing which I mistaken to be honey at first. 
Some might find the Norwegian hand-peeled shrimps to be tad salty but if you factor in the tangy lemon mayonnaise and the sprinkles of chives, it's a simple, refreshing yet addictive combo.  These voluminous seafood filling are stacked onto gluten-free light rye bread is resilient enough to avoid saturation from the extra moisture, yet still soft enough that it doesn't wear out the muscles as you chow into it.  
This is probably also the only place in Singapore where you can discover a fair range of Scandinavian chocolate snacks, savoury produce like caviar or coffee. I bought the Jaffa Nougatine bar ($2.50), some really good milk wafers at only $2.50 and the Shuffle Toffee Biscuits, the sinful combination of snickers, Mars and Toackers that are worth the calories.  I have posted the Shuffle Toffee on my instagram here
Was it by chance that we managed to pick all four choices that were delicious? I seriously doubt so. Yes, the price of $6.90 for one sandwich, $12.90 for two and $17.90 for the Viking meal of three might seemed a little pricey or not satisfyingly sufficient for a meal. But trust me, a regular meal of two sandwiches are more than enough to fill you up. Moreover, if it's such a wholesome meal prepared with healthy ingredients, passion and sincerity, why not? 

I seldom say that I will return to try the place but this I shall unabashedly say that a return is a must.
#B1-23 One Raffles Place 
(Direct underground walk from Raffles MRT)
Mon-Fri 8am-8pm
Sat 9am-4pm


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    1. so good! I hope that his plan of opening more outlets in Singapore can be realized next year! :)


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