Friday, December 19, 2014

Mariette Tea Cakes: Seasonal Edition Flavours till 31st Jan

What is Christmas without a requisite fruit cake? Mariette have come up with the convenient dessert solution for your Christmas party this year. One of the four seasonal edition flavours, the Mixed Fruits and Nuts tea cake is choked full of ingredients to keep the mouth busy. There isn't much of the traditional booze here, but this makes it a great appeal for kids. 

I gleaned in delight as I opened the pack of Apple Cinnamon & Raisin (see top pic). Lightly spiced cinnamon aroma and crumble toppings were indicators of a potential cake and yes, this did not disappoint. Tender and less sweet than the previous one, it would own a permanent spot in my fridge if there were more were more buttery crumbles. 
Exclusively only at Fairprice stores, the Matcha and Azuki Red beans worked their magic in this lusciously dark green cake. With robust, genuine green tea undertones and tight reins on sugar, this is the perfect breakfast, served warm with a cup of milk. 
As much as I love the matcha Azuki flavour, the Red Velvet Cheese Swirl left me with the deepest impression. There is a more full-bodied savory flavor when the cheese is baked together into the cake, bringing it a notch above the typical red velvet with cream cheese frosting. 

All these four freezer cakes are Trans-fat free and retailing at $8.90. And good news is that the original flavours like Salted Caramel or Chocolate Lava is now promotion price of $6.90 (up to $7.90). Buy any two at NTUC Fairprice and get a Mariette Cake Slicer for FREE! 

Seasonal flavours tend to be hit-and-miss but not the case for these limited editions treats, especially the Red Velvet and Matcha Azuki. Looks like I have to jot them down on my grocery lists before they vanish from the shelves on 31 January 2015! 

Click here to check out regular flavours.

Mariette Seasonal Edition Tea Cakes 
Available at selected outlets of the following supermarkets: 
FairPrice (All 7 flavours except Apple Cinnamon and Raisins)
Cold Storage (All except Matcha Azuki Beans)

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