Thursday, December 4, 2014

Curry Times by Old Chang Kee

I have read slightly about Curry Times but never did I know that it is run by the our famous curry puff brand, Old Chang Kee. I have always enjoyed the Old Chang Kee's curry puffs more so than Mackenzie's or Rolina's, not because of the pastry skin but it's spicy curry filling with a fiery kick. 

But do not expect the same degree of heatiness from the Signature Curry Chicken ($7.90) here. Designated as a healthier curry, this was made with fresh milk, not coconut milk. Yet the consistency is not lost, creamy and fragrant with spices. The tender flesh of the chicken drumstick added galore to simplicity, making this a comforting bowl to go with the traditional old-school Chinese "baguette". 

In fact, one can have the curry along with rice or prata. I was impressed by the hand-pressed Prata, which is crispy, light and airy. I thought it heard the "Pa-Pa" sound just like its Chinese name 派派饼 as I teared apart the layers with ease. I wanted something sweet but the Butter and Sugar ($1.90) was not an ideal choice for the slab of butter disintegrated into a pool of yellow oil in few seconds, not quite different from eating prata with oil. 
The Sambal Petai ($6.90) sets itself apart from the usual as one can taste the gritty bits of Hae Bee in the chilli paste. Perfect to go with a bowl of rice.

The Crispy Fish Cutlet Rice was delicious too; tender moist fish encased in a thin, golden-crisp shell. The curry is served separately in another bowl thus non-spicy eaters can dig in without worry. 
The buns made freshly in house are perhaps the softest buns I've ever had. Struggling to carry the heavy filings, the dome-shaped virtually collapsed and lost its shape the moment it was split into halves to reveal the filling, an indication of delicateness and the sheer amount of filling. The curry version wasn't spicy too and the coconut version was aromatic but too sweet. 

And the ending for a curry-licious meal? Traditionally Asian style desserts of chendol and bur bur cha cha. 
Curry Times
Novena Square (Velocity) 238 Thomson Road, #02-33/34
Singapore 307683
T: +65 6354 3206
Opening Hours: 9am - 10pm daily
For other outlets and menu:


  1. Replies
    1. Not fantastically delicious but reasonable quality food for the price! Do try the Signature curry chicken and coconut bun! Lots of "liao" and the bun is SUPER SOFT!!

  2. man.. i must say those buns sound mighty good. might go for a coconut one, one of these days since i live so close!

    1. Yeah! haha u should takeaway one freshly baked and have it warm for breakfast! gonna power up your entire day!


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