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Crowne Plaza Changi Airport : Festive Lineup 2014

Start the season countdown at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport with its hearty festive takeaways and delicious Christmas feasts at Azur Restaurant. The highlight of the yuletide dinner is none other than the Festive Baked Turkey with Angelica Root ($ 165 +), a unique creation by Chef Andrew who likes to infuse an oriental touch to Western cuisine and vice versa. 

Rubbed with Angelica Root powder, this massive 5-kg turkey is probably the most nourishing version I've ever had. Cross pollinated with ingredients such as sweet corns, preserved Mei Cai and Chinese blood sausage, this golden fat bird tastes even more marvelous than many classic roasts here. Moist, succulent and not overly seasoned, the white meat is enlivened with sweet cranberry-orange marmalade sauce
Fusion cooking here never quite lapsed into outlandishness as the Sweet Potato Marshmallow Gratin proved another experimental success. The melted marshmallow coated the soft, mushy sweet potatoes with a pleasant sticky sweetness without making the overall dish too sugary. I thought this serves as an ideal pre-dessert, dessert or even a warm starter for the buffet. 
Another surprise was the Pan-Seared Scallops which might looked like those steamed garlic versions typically served at Chinese dining restaurants. Cushioned with butternut squash and arugula salad, the warm tender scallop surprised me pleasantly with an unexpected tangy vinegary sauce.

If you can afford to splurge, the Prime Rib Eye of Beef $ 255 ++ will impress the crowd with its delicious simplicity. My best memories of beef are those with only a magical touch of salt and this is no exception, perhaps even better with the aromatic truffle salt. Seasoned with Provençal herbs, the meat is already sufficiently flavorful without the need for the Pommery mustard sauce.

Buttered winter vegetables 
For some greens to alleviate the sinful feasting, the Apple with Pomegranate salad is a good option. Tossed with onions, crushed pecan nuts, the refreshing fruity taste of the green apples has a light touch of savouriness coming from the blue cheese dressing, reminding me of how my family used to dip pineapples into soy sauce. For a salad with a robust profile, try the Chopped Salad with Smoked Turkey Ham and Cheddar Cheese. I particularly enjoyed the Buttered winter vegetables because they are served warm and seasonal greens like celeriac and parsnip are truly rare to come by.

The Yuzu log cake ($62++) is composed on a smooth buttery Varlhona Dulce mousse which tasted unexpectedly light since it was inspired from milk jam, but I am contented with the sweetness and the subtly bitter yuzu gelee. Nonetheless, the hazelnut dacquoise was in a bit of excess compared to the thin feuilettine rested atop that delivered very little crunch. 
Dig deep into the wobbly Eggnog Pannacotta and one will discover a pool of dark golden caramel sauce that is spiked with Martell brandy. Every mouthful is magically light, creamy without being too rich or boozy, with subtle waves of lemongrass fragrance that envelops the palates. 

Besides the traditional sweets, the upsized Ispahan Macaron ($62++) will join in the celebration this year but you can get this at $6.50++ alongside with 3 other special X'mas edition gateau in a set for just $20++

These pastries by Executive Chef KC are highly recommended because they are truly impressive works of textures and flavours. The Hazelnut Napoleon ($4.50++) is not as complicated as the French patisseries but the puff pastry maintains a fresh crunch even till the next day. Something that is much innovative than a boring cakepop is this Chocolate Macaron Lollipop which has a soft gooey salted caramel center. There is plenty of crunch from the chocolate pearls and the macaron shells are just as ideally crisp-chewy like the Ispahan macaron. The Blackforest ($4.50+) looks conspicuous familiar but the cracking simplicity of the chocolate shell belies a moist tender heart of textures in the chocolate sponge and oozing Kirsch liquid from the plump sour cherries. 
The holiday season means different things to different people. To me, it's about feasting and traveling. If you are heading to the airport for some reasons, why not make a detour at Azur Restaurant? There is plenty of delicious festive treats awaiting you there!
Festive Buffet at Azur (from 15 Dec) & Festive Takeaways (from 1 Dec)
Crowne Plaza Changi Airport
For reservation, please call 6823 5354 or email azur.cpca@ihg.com. 
More info on www.crowneplazadining.com.

Festive Buffet at Azur (15 December – 31 December 2014)
Christmas Day Brunch (25 December 2014)
Adult $ 60.00 ++ Child $ 30.00 ++

Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner (24 December 2014)
Adult $ 75.00 ++ Child $ 37.50 ++

Festive Buffet Lunch ( 15 – 19, 22 – 24, 26, 29 – 31 December 2014)
Adult $ 42.00 ++ Child $ 21.00 ++
Festive Weekend Brunch (20, 21, 27, 28 December 2014)
Adult $ 52.00 ++ Child $ 26.00 ++

Festive Buffet Dinner (15 – 23, 25 – 30 December 2014)
Adult $ 60.00 ++ Child $ 30.00 +

Special thanks to Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

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