Friday, November 21, 2014

Torishige 鶏繁: Probably the best Oyakodon

Sushi, ramen, Tonkatsu, many people actually eat Oyakodon when they visit Tokyo? Well, I hope more people can try the Oyakodon here since it's SUPER good. 

I've come across quite a few good ones but Torishige is going to reign the throne until I find the next better one. Torishige is another tori specialist that started from Shimbashi. The Oyako Jyu is only available during lunch until 3pm. During my visit, there was the limited 30 sets SHIO-Koji Oyako Jyu so I ordered it since its the same price at ¥1800.
¥1800 for an Oyakodon might not be cheap but neither is this the most expensive Oyakodon I know. Anyway, it's not simply love at first sight with the beautiful orange egg yolk. The fragrant of char-grilled chicken wafts through the nostrils before you place it into your mouth. 
Steamed Dashi Spinach
The Aizu Jidori (会津地鶏) is a breed from Fukushima that has been around for more than 450 years. The meat is tenderized with Shio Koji( fermented rice malt), which not only makes the flesh tender and also imparts flavour just like how miso marinades work. Simply fantastic. 
They say this is "assari" (light) but i beg to differ because it's SO flavorful. Even the pool of runny eggs is masterfully cooked and well-seasoned, unlike some Oyakodon which simply scramble everything and dump it onto the rice. This is a mark of perfection.and I can't help but declare that the original inventor of Oyakodon, Tamahide, is officially defeated. 
Torishige 鶏繁
Daimaru Tokyo 12F
1-9-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo 
Lunch 11am-3pm Dinner: 5pm-11pm
Japanese Menu only
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  1. Hii. I'm always looking forward for new posts on ur blog. I will be visiting tokyo during new year and looking forward to try the oyakodon. By the way do u know when is the closing day during newyear? I checked their fb n website but couldn't find any info related to it. Thanks :)

  2. OMG! I have to try this place out, it looks so much better than the overrated Tamahide oyakodon.


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