Sunday, November 30, 2014

Miam Miam x Horrible Bosses 2 : Win Tasty Treats & Movie Passes

In collaboration with the movie Horrible Bosses 2, Miam Miam, the French Japanese fine casual cafe kitchen, has come up with the "Miam Miam My Best Boss Meal" set meal at $22.90 (up to $28.90++) featuring its Signature Miam Miam Spaghetti alongside a drink (MM premium coffee/Earl Grey Tea) and French Salad till end of November.

There is more reason to try this other than the attractive pricing because it was fuss-free yet so tasty that it kept our spirits flagging. Each portion of raw pasta is measured to 110g and cooked exactly for 7.5minutes to achieve that perfect al dente bite. 
 However, I doubt the science is what makes this dish a success. Like a typical Japanese wafu pasta, the cream is kept to a minimum or literally non existent. But when French butter, onion, shoyu and some secret broth is reduced in a right way and tossed with sausages, spinach and bacon, the dish  ($16.80++)  turned out brilliant, better than it should be for what went into it. 
Interestingly, the Riz Noir ($16.50++) which resembled a Spanish squid ink paella, is made with Hokkaido's top grade ika sumi powder. The grains had a delectable firm chewy bites and garlicky flavour, though the scrambled eggs were far from the soft runny Japanese style omelette. Meanwhile, it was the opposite situation for the Souffle de Nuage ($17.50++); slightly clumpy glutinous rice-like tomato grains that are cleverly masqueraded beneath the golden and cheesy tasting whipped eggs. 
For the sweets, french toasts  ($10.80++) with their irresistible buttery aroma are probably the best morning call one like to receive but these stiff, slightly dry brioche deprived of the moist eggy flavour seems to lack a bit of that charm.
Matcha desserts such as matcha parfait  ($11.80++)  or matcha souffle ($11.80++) are made with top grade matcha powder from Japan but unfortunately the taste did not come forth.

However, the Varlhona chocolate soufflé ($13.80++) was excellent. Though it did not rise tall and high as I imagined, this dense baked chocolate dessert has a delicious molten center achieved by precise execution of oven time and the bonus drizzle of chocolate sauce on top. Do place the order early as it takes up to 20-25 minutes to prepare.

From 1st to 18th December, you stand to enjoy a free matcha soft serve, matcha souffle, Miam Miam spaghetti or a pair of horrible boss movie passes with every minimum spending of $80 in the INSTANT SURE WIN lucky dip. Also, you may want to check out their facebook campaign at to win $50 worth of MM vouchers.
Miam Miam
Bugis Junction #02-14
200 Victoria Street S188021
Westgate #01-21/22
3 Gateway Drive S608532
Mon-Fri 11.30am-10pm
More promotion details on

Special thanks to Miam SG

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  1. Has a bad service experience and food was not as what we expected with all the blogs...


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