Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kki Sweets SOTA

I've tried nearly all of Kki's cakes when they were back at Ann Siang Hill but I decided to revisit again at it's new outlet in SOTA with Shirley aka litlemissbento and wiped 6 cakes in a sitting. Sadly, there are no new items after so long and yes, one has to be mentally prepared to fork out more, meaning $9.80 + 10% service charge for each cake. This works up to be around 930 yen for each cake, surpassing the 750-yen cakes by Hidemi Sugino and the 800-yen range of Pierre Herme & Jean Paul Hevin but NOT in terms of quality. Ouch, I definitely felt the pinch in my wallet.
First, the White Chocolate and Mango ($8.80++)  which was messed up by a hazy confusion of sweetness. I would love the Strawberry and Pistachio ($9.80++)  very much, if I hadn't knew it suffered from some nasty frost bites; the half-defrosted pistachio center was unpleasant. 
I suspect there is a big bad wolf hidden somewhere in this Little Red Riding Hood ($9.80++) for it's notoriously famed for its intense cacao notes. Pegged exquisitely against a sharp raspberry compote, the mousse layers were smooth as silk, to the verge of tasting like refrigerated butter left under room temperature for 3 minutes and not longer than that. 
Meanwhile, I was surprised that Kki proffered a delicious Mont Blanc ($9.80++) , safe from the radical glucose level by trading the uber-sweet meringue with an almond fragipane tart base and cushioning the chestnut goodness with clouds of heavenly light Chantily cream. 

I was expecting a "crunch" sound as I cut through the Cafe Dumo ($9.80++)  but there was silence. Still, I gleaned in delight when my tongue hit some faintly  crunchy praline, buried amidst the constituents resting atop, while hazelnut tones echoed back and forth amidst the waves of coffee. Highly recommended for coffee lovers. 
And Fromage Melon ($8.80++)  was my personal favourite for two reasons. One, the rarity of flavours--where else in SG can you find a cheese melon combination? Two, superbly executed textures; neither too light nor dense cheese layer with solidly fresh biscuit base

I don't know how Kki Sweets got to be associated with Japanese cakes but to be honest, it isn't. Branded with a streak of perfectionism, the petit gateaux are seriously elegant and dainty, striking out a legend of its own by distinguishing from the mediocre cakes saturated in Singapore. 
Now you might ask what makes me think that they don't truly qualify as Japanese? Well, it's the word Omotenashi. Yes, the cakes are undeniably crafted with precision and 200% or 300% attention, albeit too prim and proper, but I could not feel the powerful emotional connection to them, least to say, happiness.

A coldly polite patisserie attitude just doesn't cut it.
Kki Sweets
Tuesdays to Sundays (including Public Holidays)

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