Friday, October 17, 2014

Nanayama Romantei : Romancing Matcha in Shinjuku Gardens

The hunt for Matcha/Houjicha Parfait brought me to Nanayama Romantei, a quiet cafe located slightly outside the bustling Shinjuku centre near Shinjuku Gaien-Mae. Everything was good and I can't really pick any major problems. My favourite was the matcha roll which surprised me with the lovely pink swirls. And that's azuki bean cream:) 

Snippets of the Menu (if you are interested)
It sells both matcha and houjicha parfait and as usual, I picked the matcha parfait (1020 yen) Instead of simply warabi mochi, the matcha is assembled with yomogi gluten, a kind of Japanese ingredient that is normal found in savoury food such as nabe (hotpots) or miso soup.
What's good: Not too crowded on weekdays. Less touristy than typical hotspots Gion Tsujiri or Kyo Hayashiya. Ambience. Quiet. Wide range of food as it also serves traditional Japanese breakfast (rice+raw egg+ pickles), lunch and ACAI Bowl (a pity didn't get to try it this time)  What's not: super slow service if you come on days (eg. Sunday) when the entire place is only run by one auntie (She is a superwoman). Is it possible to know their staff schedule? Unfortunately mission impossible.
Good brew of Matcha Latte (i could still taste the matcha despite having flu)
Uji-Matcha Kintoki (Summer Must-try!)
Matcha Roll (520 yen)
Nanayama Romantei 七山ロマン亭
1 Chome-1-1 Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Nearest Station: JR Metro Subway Shinjuku Gaienmae Station 

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