Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mariette Cakes: ALL-NEW Instant Halal Tea Cakes & Mini Lava Cakes

Craving for that sweet nibblings to reward yourself after a day's work? Or looking for some cakes on a Sunday afternoon but too lazy to step out of house? Auric Pacific Group, the company who owns famous family brands such as SCS Butter or Sunshine Bread, launches Mariette, a new series of Halal-certified tea cakes that are ideal for instant gratification! 
Let me start with my favourite flavour, Salted Caramel with Walnuts Tea Cake. This longstanding sweet-salty flavour could do with a little more salt, but it's nutty butterscotch taste makes this dangerously addictive. As for the Double Chocolate Tea Cake, it is truly decadent and moist, studded with beautiful dark chocolate gems.  
For a pick-me-up  in the office on a particularly dour day, I will think of this tender and refreshing Orange Peel Tea Cake. The tartness is well regulated and one could wash it down with a cool ice lemon tea. 
Double Chocolate Tea Cake
Orange Peel Tea Cake
As the first microwaveable Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes (4 in a box for $7.90) to hit the local supermarkets, these demure little desserts with a supple brownie-like crust come alive with a rich, chocolately, molten center. The trouble is, if I served these during party, chances are the guests wouldn't quite recall what they had for their main courses.  All they remember are these outwardly humble, internally voluptuous chocolate cakes.

All Mariette products contain NO TRANS FAT, NO PRESERVATIVES, which suggest that I may have a valid excuse to indulge more? Nonetheless, some might be concern about the sweetness and expressed that the texture has potential to be more refined. 

Besides the attractive packaging, each box is printed with creative suggestions to guide consumers how to serve it in a more delicious way, adding a sincere touch to what could be an otherwise standard convenient food. Other than the lava cakes that require 15-sec of microwaving on high heat, the tea cakes can just be thaw and served chilled, without cooking (I prefer mine at room temperature) 
Now I'm plotting a scoop of green tea ice cream on my chocolate lava cake tonight 

Mariette's Tea Cakes and Mini Lava Cakes 
Now available at selected FairPrice
Cold Storage and Giant Supermarkets for $7.90 each. 

Special thanks to Nicoles and Auric Pacific Group

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