Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bibigo Singapore : Bibim on the go

When it comes to Korean cuisine, I prefer the traditional or more homely dishes such as bibimbap, japchae instead of the big pot stew or BBQ. So I thought this casual Korean restaurant with outlets in many countries might be a good place to satisfy that occasion Korean food cravings. After all, it focuses on the "Bibimbap" and makes it flexible. Diners can customize their bibimbap by choosing the type of rice, topping and sauce. 
We had the Hotstone Bibimbap with Black Rice, Spicy Pork and Sesame sauce ($16)  as well as the Bibimbap ($15) in the same combination but with Citron Soysauce. With a just a dollar difference, the Hotstone version would definitely be a better option if you like your food warm. As a highly versatile dish that can be paired with a variety of colorful toppings, I like this customized concept as it simplifies this Korean rice dish but preserves the texture and flavours. At least, we no longer have to stick to THAT sweet red sauce

Ginseng Orange Salad was not available so we switched to Pan Fried Tofu and Stir Fry Kimchee Pork ($14) which were larger than shown on menu. The plain tofu complemented the salty stir fry but I thought why don't they just cut the tofu and stir-fry everything together? 
The seasonal edition Gangnam Style Fried Chicken ($12) came with three different sauces -salt/sweet/spicy. The golden fried chicken that contained surprising bits of chilli and vegetables, were tender with crisp exterior. Since it was already very salted, the salt dip doesn't serve any purpose. 
The Sweet Potato Mattang ($6) were similar to the Japanese Daigaku-Imo, not crunchy but soft and mushy. Topped with crispy rice crackers and walnuts, they were coated in just the right amount of honey but not exactly piping hot. 
Food is overall quite good but the poor service were too glaring to go undetected. It's never a rule of courtesy to remove diner's plate without asking if they have finished with the food.
Bibigo Singapore
Raffles City, Nex, Suntec City Mall.

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