Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Beast : Sunday Brunch

What comes to your mind when you think of Southern American food? Humongous portions, heavy flavours, deep fried food, bourbon and maybe Paula Deen. The Beast, a Southern Kitchen and Bourbon Bar off the busy streets of Bugis, has been running for about 10 months and recently launched some beastly brunches for the voracious appetites. I met up with Derrick on a weekend to try some of the items there.
It seems like a battle half-won for the Chicken & Waffles ($20), a monstrous hunk of deep-fried thigh on waffles. The chicken is excellently crunchy and tender, but the golden batter was too salty and thus one can't help but chomp it down with the partially deflated waffles for a balanced flavour. As a hard truth, the chicken tasted best when doused with the bourbon maple butter sauce. 
The Pulled Pork Hash $18 may very well typify the savage character of a beast. Imagine strands of meat ferociously teared apart and tossed with cubed potatoes, red peppers and BBQ sauce. But this Beast seems timid at heart for the taste was uninspiring and dry. A little more simmering of the pork with apple cider vinegar and chilli pepper may awake the soul of the Beast. 

Like most authentic Southern sweets , the desserts here do not go easy on sugar. I appreciate the thick Oreo crust of the Mississippi Mudpie ($14) but this strength also became its weakest link when the pie layer is as stubborn as a rock.

The Bacon Waffle Sundae ($12) could be misleading for it is NOT a SUNDAE. But this can be forgiven because it delivered more than just a usual ice cream-waffle dessert. Accompanied by gooey butterscotch sauce, crunchy pecan brittles and a monstrous ball of Honey & Fig Ice Cream, the waffle itself has already surpassed the pallid version we've had earlier due to its sturdier structure and a distinct buttery notes. The crispy candied bacon was a bonus.  
But what I liked best was the bacon maple glazed donut ($5) which reminded me of a sticky sweet Bak Kwa bun that BreadTalk introduced years before or the "Sweet Mother of Bacon" from Artichoke. And it's actually a SIDE, not a DESSERT. Yes, petite in size but it may just be the wildest creature at the Beast.

Click here to read Derrick's review.
The Beast
17 Jalan Klapa Singapore 199329
Nearest MRT: Lavender or Bugis
Mon-Thu: 5pm - 12am
Fri-Sat: 5pm - 1am
Sun: 10am - 5pm (BRUNCH)

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