Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Siang Hee Zi Char: Scrumptious Pork Trotters

This famous Zi Char that has been featured a lot on media. The first recommended dish, Deep Fried Trotters was superb and easily surpassed the one from Simpang Bedok. The skin was crispy but not hard--we could even chew the entire bone. The meat remained moist and not too dry.
But the second recommended dish, Pumpkin Cream Prawns, lacked any fragrance and the cream can easily be written off as "corn cream" instead of pumpkin. Prawns were nonetheless, fresh, crunchy and not greasy. San Lao Hor Fun was tasty but nothing extraordinary and short of the wok-hei aroma. "where's the sambal?" was my first reaction when I saw the watery pool of Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves. Non-spice eaters commented that it was spicy but I thought it was still miles away. More sambal belachan would make this really "shiok".

Hence, our favourite dish that day was none other than this plate of finger-lickin pig legs.
Business was roaring during our Sunday visit. The Lao Ban Niang, was humorous and very friendly. She quipped in Chinese, "Want to take photo ah? wait ah..." and went back into the kitchen, placed a few curry leaves on the pumpkin prawns before serving it to us. "You all got more people, so this Hor Fun is actually $8 size" (we ordered a $6 Hor fun) 
How often can we meet such a nice auntie??? And the food is priced very reasonably.
$47 for 5 pax. 

Siang Hee Zi Char
Serangoon Garden Food Centre Stall 20
49A Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555945
12am to 10pm
Closed Alt Mon

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